Friday, September 30, 2011

Pink Mini's For the Cure 2011!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am organizing a mini scrap book silent auction. Interested scrappers can make a mini album that will be placed in a silent auction on this blog near the end of October. All proceeds from the silent auction will go to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure Foundation through their Passionately Pink for a Cure event program.

Here is the details for the Pink Mini’s challenge:

1. Make a Mini Album using your choice of materials…they do not necessarily have to be pink.
2. The mini-album you create should be one that you are proud of and something you would enjoy receiving yourself.
3. The mini-album should be no smaller than 3” in the shortest dimension and no longer than 12” in the longest dimension.
4. It should contain a minimum of 4 to 6 pages.
5. The theme may generic to appeal to a wide audience such as girls/women, birthday, princess, baby etc.
6. You may make up to 3 albums for the auction.
7. Digital photos of your mini need to be sent to no later than October 28. Additional information regarding photo’s (format, quantity, etc.) will be posted soon. Please DO NOT send your photo's yet!
8. You may also make a set of cards instead of mini album. Please make at least 4-6 cards and include envelopes sized to fit the cards.


  1. This is so cool Laura I am so excited to do it thank you for caring and making this available!
    hugs Deanna

  2. Time constraints may possibly prevent me from contributing to a mini album or card-set project, but I will bid! I absolutely support this worthwhile cause.

  3. Very excited to launch this effort for such a wonderful cause that in some way touches us all!
    Thank you Laura and Joy for your commitment.
    We will get that $5000!

  4. I'm proud to be a part of this action! Let's do it!!


  5. I am so in! Just let me know when to send you the pics of my mini. It is done.

  6. Great cause, I have 3 mini's going and hope to finish them up this weekend.

  7. My mini is ready, just need to know when to send pics.