Monday, November 7, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you to all of the participants in the 2011 Pink Mini Auction! I am currently working to complete the info to pass along to get the mini's and cards to their new owners! I hope to have everything out by Wednesday.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pink Mini Auction Wrap Up

A HUGE WOW! and an even BIGGER THANK YOU!!!! to all participants and to the bidders!!!!

We have met the goal of $3000! (Bids combined with added donations)

I can't say THANK YOU enough!! Everyone's mini was amazing!
Everyone pulled together and made it happen and all the hard work is soooo greatly appreciated!

Here is a list of the final bids .If you were not a high bidder, you can still contribute by making a donation at the Passionately Pink for a cure website noted below. Below are the instructions on what to do next.

**We have two bids with no name given. To be fair, we will give these bidders until 9 am Pacific on Monday to contact us with their name. After that we will award the high bid to the next highest bid.

Gwen H. $30 ShornaR
Daisy V #1 $45 Mary Werner
Zandra #1 $40 divapita (Kristi Wheeler)
Jamie T $25 Anonymous (no name given)**
Rebecca B $150 Pam Austin

Sherry N/F $80 June-Marie
Margaret Ann M. $50 Lillybug27
Wendy H. $30 Shelly S. (scrappygirl)
Darlene M. $40 Jazme63
Deanna L #1 $70 Gloria L.
Laura D #1 $150 Victoria M.

Tammy D. $25 Joy aka Zelda
Kim H. $125 Angelia
Martine $50 Barbara Duhamell
Carol B #1 $50 Mary Werner
Deanna L #2 $50 Merrylion
Janice S. $10 Sherry Friis
Laura D #2 $105 Anonymous (no name)**

Deanna L #3 $45 Sisterbubbles
Nancy D. $40 Barbara Duhamell
Sue B. $30 Joy aka Zelda
Carol B #2 $12 Mital
Twyla R #2 $15 Runningscissors
Laura D #3 $200 Victoria M

Monique M. $210 June-Marie
Zandra #1 $45 divapita (Kristi Wheeler)
Daisy V. #2 $65 PattinSLC
Sherry F $55 NanaAnt
Laura D #4 $90 June-Marie

Twyla R #1 $30 Margaret Ann Moffatt
Nancy D. $35 Barbara Duhamell
Daisy V. #3 $50 Lillybug27
Marilyn M. $50 Lillybug27
Laura D #5 $105 Anne Turner (annecringan)

Beth P. $45 Annette Alexander (Purplegirl092859)
Zandra #2 $65 Shelly S.
Jules P. $35 Deborah Sorenson
Candy H. $75 June-Marie
Heather H. $55 NanaAnt

The High Bidders can now go to the Passionately Pink website (CLICK HERE) to make a donation in the amount of your bid (or more if you choose!). Please use this link to go directly to where you need to make your donation. All funds go directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. (None of the money goes through me or the participants!) They accept all major credit/debit cards. You will immediately receive a receipt for you donation for tax purposes.

After making your donation, the High Bidders need to email us (at with a contact email to forward on to the mini album/cardmaker designer. You can then exchange the needed info to get the mini to the high bidder. All participants have agreed to mail the mini's to the highest bidder. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Thank you once again!

You all are the BEST!!!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pink Mini's 2011 Silent Auction

Here they are!!! Thank you for viewing these amazing Pink Mini's made by amazing and generous women!!

Here's how it's going to work:

- The photo's are divided up into albums with 5-6 mini's/card sets per slideshow. There are 7 slideshows: A, B, C, D , E, F , G. Please click "Older Posts" at the very bottom of the blog to see all of the slideshows!

- Each slideshow is a separate post and has a post comment link under it.

- To make a bid, Place you bid in a comment under the slideshow with the album you wish to bid on (Click on "Comments" under the slide show. DO NOT click on the photo itself). Include the name of the mini and your bid amount. You will need to scan previous posts to find out the latest bid. (Make sure to leave your comment under the blog comments NOT the Photobucket comments!! )If you have trouble leaving a bid, email Laura at and I will post your bid for you.

Bidding will remain open until 6 pm Pacific Standard Time on November 5, 2011.

High bidders will be informed after that date/time. High bidders will then go to the Passionately Pink for a Cure event website I have set up to make a donation in the amount of their bid. They will receive the mini that they were high bidder on as a thank you for their donation!

If you want to make a donation rather than bidding on a mini, you can! Click on this link to go to the Passionately Pink Cure Program website and make a donation in the amount of your choosing. The site accepts Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX.Please use this link for all donations!

THANK YOU!!! to all the ladies who made these albums. The love put into them truly shines through!! Thank you to all of you who are viewing these mini's as well.

For general comments, please leave them under this post to keep the album post from getting cluttered. Please DO NOT leave comments, bids only, under the individual slideshow comment section.

Pink Mini's 2011 Group A

Gwen H, Daisy V #1 Zandra #1, Jamie T, Rebecca B

Pink Mini's 2011 Group B

Sherry F, Margaret Ann M, Wendy H, Darlene M, Deanna L #1, Laura D #1

Pink Mini's 2011 Group C

Tammy O, Kim H, Martine, Carol B #1, Deanna L #2, Janice S, Laura D #2

Pink Mini's 2011 Group D

Deanna L #3, Nancy D, Sue B, Carol B #2, twyla R #2, Laura D #3

Pink Mini's 2011 Group E

Monique M, Zandra #1, Daisy V #2, Sherry F, Laura D #4

Pink Mini's 2011 Group F

Twyla #1 Nancy D, Daisy V #3, Marilyn M, Laura D #5

Pink Mini's 2011 Group G

Beth P, Zandra #2, Jules P, Candy H, Heather H

Friday, October 28, 2011

Button and a Flyer

Please help us advertise the Pink Mini's 2011 Silent Auction!

I have created a button for your blogs and a flyer to print to and distribute.

Please post any of this info on your blogs! Make sure to link to this blog!

To add the button to a blogger blog, copy the code below the button. Go to your blog, add a gadget to your side bar, select "html/javascript". Paste in the code and WOW! it actually works!! (Trust me I am shocked that I got it to work!!)

Here is the flyer. Click on the graphic to copy and print. I have them laid out so that there are two on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet.

Thank you for all of your help in making this event successful!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Send in your PHOTO"S!

We are ready to accept your photo's of you albums for the Silent Auction! Please email them to

Here is the format. Please follow it!!

1. Send your photo's in the .jpg format

2. Set your resolution to 72 dpi.

3. If possible, resize to 600 pixels or less on the longest side.

4. Label your photo's with your first name and last initial followed by the album number (Album A, B or C, depending on how many you are submitting) and lastly the photo number. Here is an example: LauraD-Album A-1 of 6

5. Send no more than 6 photo's per album. Choose the photo's that best shows you album or cards

6. Use the best lighting you can. A mix of natural and direct lighting is best.

7. Eliminate extra "stuff" in the background, it can be distracting. Careful cropping can eliminate a lot of the background distractions.

8. Make sure your photo's are in focus before you send them! Retake if necessary.

Thank you all for participating!!


Friday, September 30, 2011

Pink Mini's For the Cure 2011!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am organizing a mini scrap book silent auction. Interested scrappers can make a mini album that will be placed in a silent auction on this blog near the end of October. All proceeds from the silent auction will go to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure Foundation through their Passionately Pink for a Cure event program.

Here is the details for the Pink Mini’s challenge:

1. Make a Mini Album using your choice of materials…they do not necessarily have to be pink.
2. The mini-album you create should be one that you are proud of and something you would enjoy receiving yourself.
3. The mini-album should be no smaller than 3” in the shortest dimension and no longer than 12” in the longest dimension.
4. It should contain a minimum of 4 to 6 pages.
5. The theme may generic to appeal to a wide audience such as girls/women, birthday, princess, baby etc.
6. You may make up to 3 albums for the auction.
7. Digital photos of your mini need to be sent to no later than October 28. Additional information regarding photo’s (format, quantity, etc.) will be posted soon. Please DO NOT send your photo's yet!
8. You may also make a set of cards instead of mini album. Please make at least 4-6 cards and include envelopes sized to fit the cards.