Thursday, October 27, 2011

Send in your PHOTO"S!

We are ready to accept your photo's of you albums for the Silent Auction! Please email them to

Here is the format. Please follow it!!

1. Send your photo's in the .jpg format

2. Set your resolution to 72 dpi.

3. If possible, resize to 600 pixels or less on the longest side.

4. Label your photo's with your first name and last initial followed by the album number (Album A, B or C, depending on how many you are submitting) and lastly the photo number. Here is an example: LauraD-Album A-1 of 6

5. Send no more than 6 photo's per album. Choose the photo's that best shows you album or cards

6. Use the best lighting you can. A mix of natural and direct lighting is best.

7. Eliminate extra "stuff" in the background, it can be distracting. Careful cropping can eliminate a lot of the background distractions.

8. Make sure your photo's are in focus before you send them! Retake if necessary.

Thank you all for participating!!



  1. 1. What's the due date for the pics?

    2. Same type of file name for cards?

  2. As noted in the previous post, we need the photo's by the 28th. Yes, use the same format for the cards.


  3. i sent the pictures but im not sure about all the formats and stuff. so just let me know if you need it to be changed when you see the pictures.